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Add: 1408, building2, Noble plaza, No.328, Dunhua Road, Qingdao, China

Tel: 86 532 85800130

Fax: 86 532 85699926

Email: [email protected]

Stamping and deep drawing

Stamping and deep drawing

Donrex is expert in metal stamping parts, punching and deep drawn parts. The business flow is processing based on samples or drawings. The customers cover automotive and electrical-mechanical industries.

The philosophy of Donrex is "One Stop Service". This means to provide total solutions for downstream customers. Our customers just need to provide technical requirements, and Donrex will do the rest and provide the whole solutions for customers, from prototyping, mould development, samples, and pilot production up to serial production. While our customers can focus on their own core business.

Donrex was established by experienced professional managers who have been engaged in famous international firms. Donrex understands completely what customers want to. "High Quality, Low Cost and Customer Service" becomes the core competence of Donrex naturally.

The vision of our company is "to be the suppliers and also the partners"

We would like to cooperate closely with all customers from internal and oversea areas, keep win-win, and bilateral develop harmoniously.

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