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Add: 1408, building2, Noble plaza, No.328, Dunhua Road, Qingdao, China

Tel: 86 532 85800130

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CNC machining process

Donrex specializing in the production and processing of various diameters (1 mm-200mm), length (2 mm-300mm), different materials (copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum), computer, automatic lathe and secondary processing hardware products, and products are mainly used in communications equipment, electrical toys, computer parts, household appliances, temperature control unit, for a number of well-known enterprises used in the industry have good reputation. 

We have first-class production equipment, CNC computer numerical control lathes, automatic lathes, milling machines legislation as the main horizontal productivity; drilling, tapping machines, carving machine, rubbing spent auxiliary machine for processing. Design of a rich, sophisticated products of the engineers, technicians and skilled workers. Employees are well-trained, mastering Shaft accessories to the production technology and equipment operating skills. Completely possible for the customer to map sample manufacturing, from production to various surface treatments, such as technology, and give customers the confidence of a 100% guarantee.

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